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Share your Faith With your Friends

Have you ever found something in your faith and wanted to share that inspiration with others? Newman Presents allows 3rd year or older students and even alumni to research and pray about a topic of their choice and present on that topic. This event will be held an hour before Newman night. After being introduced by Father or an Ambassador, each speaker will be given a 30-minute opening to speak, but are not required to talk the full duration. If all goes well and with the speaker’s permission, a recording of your talk will be published on the Newman Center’s YouTube Account. With respect to orthodoxy, the speaker will be required to either email or handing in a physical copy of the Topic Submission Form below and have Father briefly review your talk notes. After Father reviews your talk, you will be notified and scheduled for a date that works best for you and for attendance.

NOTE: The Topic Submission Form will require a speaker to use at least one Bible verse and one paragraph of magisterium whether from the Catechism, a Papal Encyclical, Letter, or Audience, Second Vatican Council Document, or the like. Speakers are strongly encouraged to use as much reliable sourcing as possible (Saints, good Catholic writers, journal articles, etc.) and discouraged from speaking from one-sided viewpoints.



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