“I think my favorite part about the Newman center is that it feels like a second home.  The Newman Center is a place where anyone can go; hangout, cook supper, take a nap, watch football, do homework, play games, almost anything you can think of you can do at the Newman Center. Whenever anyone shows up to the Newman there is always a joy that comes with it, both personally and the people around them.  The great thing about being open for anyone is that you form friendships with men and women of different ages.  This creates a community of stewardship as the “older” students help lead and guide the “younger” students to make the Newman their own, to help them love it as a second home.”
Anthony Andera, Senior SDSU Nursing & FOCUS missionary

“I like coming to the Newman Center because it gives me an opportunity to get to know other students on campus. Several of the people that come to the Newman are completely different majors than myself, so having the commonality to grow in our faith helps me stay grounded in my friendships. I also come to the Newman Center to be fed spiritually. It has been a consistent place for me to be nourished by the sacraments, to retreat from the business of college life, and to build my relationship with God. I also come to the Newman Center, because of the endless opportunities to grow in the faith, such as, in Bible Studies, discipleship, retreats, and much more. It has given me a new fire over the past 4 years to go out on a mission in my life during and after college!”
Katelyn Czmowski, Senior Human Development & Family Studies & Prospective FOCUS Missionary?

“The best part of the Newman Center is the friendships that are formed there. I have made deep and lasting friendships that have not only made me a better person but have deepened my relationship with God as well. People that I probably never would have talked to somehow became my closest friends. I have also seen this among other members of the Newman Center. Authentic friendship flourishes when it is embedded in the truths of Christ, and the Newman Center creates the space for these friendships to form.”
Kyla Diaz, Senior Civil Engineering


“When I first came to college, I desired to find friends who shared the same love for the faith that I did and who I knew would help me become the best version of myself. The transition to college was a tough one for me, and I found a refuge in the Newman center chapel whose doors were always open. Over time, I attended different events and eventually got to know other people who call the Newman home. These people have become my community, and I know that these will be the friendships that last. The Newman Center is an awesome place to come hang out, study, and most importantly, the place where you can encounter Jesus Christ in the midst of the craziness that is college!”
Anne Knoff, Junior Human Biology Major


“In my time at SDSU, the Pius XII Newman Center was a center of life. Invitations led me to attend events such as Monday Night Volleyball, where I got to know people with a variety of interests and backgrounds, from fellow freshmen to grad students. These friends became some of the best I have ever had because of the connection we share in the faith, and have inspired me to strive for a deeper relationship with God through prayer and receiving the Sacraments. They also helped me learn how to be a faithful Catholic who engages with the world by recognizing the centrality of the faith and letting it flow over into every part of life, from major-specific clubs, to work, to relationships with others, and more. I am grateful for my time at the Newman center at SDSU because it taught me that being solid in my faith and being fully alive aren’t opposed, but complementary.”
Matthew Harris, Seminarian for the Diocese of Sioux Falls; Former Civil Engineering Major at SDSU


The aspects of the Newman Center I appreciate the most are the sacraments, friendships, and its events. It is life-giving to have a dedicated place on campus where God can be worshipped at Mass, adoration, morning prayer, and simple independent prayer. These transcendent devotions form the foundation of a vitalized Catholic life. While the sacraments are the focus of the Newman Center, the friendships I formed there have helped me cultivate my virtue, faith, and relationship with God. Events, such as Newman Night on Thursday of every week and Flannel Thanksgiving, promote the Catholic community at SDSU and even attract non-Catholics. These are but a few among many reasons to be involved at the Newman Center and why I believe everyone can find something here to grow in their faith and form lasting friendships throughout college.
Zach Schmitz, Sophomore Electrical Engineering Major


“If you want friends that genuinely care about you, encourage you to your greatest, and are always willing to enjoy life with you in healthy ways, the Newman Center is where you should come! If you want a relationship with God even a little bit, the missionaries, students, and staff will all help/push you toward this. If you are searching for something that satisfies beyond what the world offers, come to encounter Christ and He will surely meet you here. The world suggests religion oppresses, come to see that disproven! Students here strive to live life with Christ and would not trade that for anything. After coming to the Newman center first thing my freshman year, my life was perpetually changed through prayer, friendship/community, and even the fun I was blessed to have. Truly, I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not come to Newman. Give God a chance to work with you, and you shall never regret it!”
Carter Carruthers, 1st-year Theology Major at Holy Apostles College & Seminary; Former Civil Engineering Major at SDSU




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