Situation-based Serving Guides

  • Any common situation for serving can be understood by using the guides below. Any unique situations (such as Triduum or a Confirmation) can be understood in light of them.
  • For Sunday’s please be there no later than 20 minutes prior,
    • Check the bulletin or the schedule on the Secretary’s Counter for when you are scheduled.
    • If you show up to Mass and no one is serving you are invited to volunteer, especially on Sunday.
  • For Daily mass:
    • Monday and Tuesday (and First Friday) are normal, 15 minutes prior is ideal.
    • Wednesday includes reposition of the Eucharist. (During the School Year), 20 minutes prior is ideal.
    • Thursday is Newman Night, which includes lighting candles around the Sanctuary (expect this to take 10 additional minute) and blowing them out after. (During the School Year)