Stay Informed

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  1. Show the QR Code and have someone scan it
  2. Direct them to the “Stay Informed” link across the top
  3. Text/Email them the link or have them type it in:

Electronic Communication

  1. We have a GroupMe dedicated to only announcements (Click here to Join). GroupMe can be set up for SMS only or you can get the app.
  2. We keep our calendar pretty well updated and there are instructions on how to integrate it with your Google Calendar.
    1. There are instructions to Subscribe to our Calendar beneath the Calendar on our Events and Media Page to allow easy and efficent event copying and integration.
  3. We have Instagram see the Footer for Details
  4. As if the above was not enough, we have Discord and GroupMe, and nearly every mainstream social platform (which we do our best to update but there is so much happening that it is difficult to keep up). If you would like to help with this effort, let our secretary know.
  5. We store our pictures in Google Phots accessible to you on our Photostream Page.

Physical Communication

  1. We make announcements at mass (this has always seemed to be the most effective).
  2. We produce bulletins. Click Here to see them..
  3. We advertise for nearly everything around campus and in the Newman building, so you can stay pretty well informed just by keeping an eye out for the posters.
  4. We have a Calendar Board near the Chapel for Liturgical Schedule
  5. We have a physical Events Calendar along the South Wall of the Lounge
  6. Our regular students are encouraged to invite anyone interested. (ask them if you have any questions and they will likely get you helped out).


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Announcments GroupMe

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