Stay Informed

What Discord is, and why we have it:

Discord is the easiest and most convenient means of an online community, combining Video conferencing group messaging, and organization structure into one platform. It precedes Microsoft Teams in this effort and is less business oriented. It allows for large group chats and contributions from any member of it, as well as splitting up designated ‘channels’ for specific topics. Its purpose for the Pius XII Newman Center is two-fold: general community chatting and planning, and a convenient place for groups for different involvements around the Newman Center to chat, plan, and coordinate. While we’ve kept it simple for now, it has the potential to be a one-stop shop for all your different group conversations and collaboration for general involvements, from impromptu swing dances to spontaneous prayer, to even discipleship groups. This is all easily managed via roles and permissions.

It also contains our photostream.

Not A Discord user and don’t want to be?

Not everyone uses the same platform or obtains the same information in the same way. This is why we spend LOTS of time and energy making this information widely available.

Here are some other ways to stay informed:

  1. We have a GroupMe dedicated to only announcements (Click here to Join). GroupMe can be set up for SMS only or you can get the app.
  2. We keep our calendar pretty well updated and there are instructions on how to integrate it with your Google Calendar.
  3. We advertise for nearly everything around campus and in the Newman building, so you can stay pretty well informed just by keeping an eye out for the posters.
  4. We produce bulletins.
  5. We make announcements at mass (this has always seemed to be the most effective).
  6. Our regular students are encouraged to invite anyone interested. (ask them if you have any questions and they will likely get you helped out).
  7. We send emails out weekly to those who have registered with us.
  8. We have this website with lots of information on it and the knights even have their own.
  9. As if the above was not enough, we have Discord and GroupMe, and nearly every mainstream social platform (which we do our best to update but there is so much happening that it is difficult to keep up). If you would like to help with this effort, let our secretary know.
  10. For those that try to assist the Newman center mission, we have dedicated systems in place to prevent double booking and we keep that on our site as well.

A few details on how Discord works…

All who join are prompted on how to get started and are given the “Pending Membership” role by following the instructions on the Welcome channel, giving them visual access to most of the general channels. You can easily see someone’s role in the Newman Center by clicking their username in the Discord Server. This allows students to easily contact someone such as, for example, the student life coordinator about event suggestions. However, there are private channels also that allow, for example, the Newman Center ambassadors to chat privately within the same Discord Server to plan events, etc.; an example would be for the different liturgical ministries to coordinate, without bothering those who are not involved with them. These allow for a one-stop shop to coordinate and plan with all your different groups! To gain appropriate access you need to complete the process below. If you are a Newman center leader you gain access to the announcement channel and other channels suited to your role.

If you are a leader, you can reach out to The Catholic Jacks Discord account (that uses the Break the Mold logo) to request a new channel to either increase the fun or utility of the Newman discord.

Be sure to join using the process below and keep up to date with instant details on what’s going on around the Newman Center, liturgical ministries, etc.! If you have any questions, please reach out to Carter (discord administrator) or Father.


Videos to Help You Navigate the Platform