Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration

Daily Adoration

  • Monday thru Friday 7 AM to 12 PM
  • Additional Hours on Wednesday from Noon until 5:30 PM Daily Mass*

*At the start of each semester, you may sign up for half hour increments on the bulletin board on the East wall outside the secretary’s office to ensure that we can continue offering it. If you wish to Stay Informed about this offering, other events, and to find a substitute if you are unable to make the shift you signed up for you will want to join the Newman GroupMe by clicking “Stay informed” in this sentence or at the top of the Page.

Morning Prayer/Lauds (Liturgy of the Hours)

Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM

If you desire to have Evening Prayer/Vespers or Night Prayer/Compline or Morning Prayer/Lauds at a different time, consider inviting friends to pray with you at those times.

Resources for participation

  • Free: IBreviary App: Apple | Android

  • Cost Effective & Compact Book: Single-volume Christian Prayer (in a bookshelf, by the stained glass window in the lobby) [Amazon: $30-40]

  • An even shorter/less comprehensive called “Shorter Christian Prayer” is available containing only Lauds and Vespers in a Four-Week Psalter [Amazon: $15-$20]

  • Less Compact and User-friendly Book Set: Four-Volume Set can be bought on Amazon or at most Catholic stores (ex. The Catholic Company online, the Mustard seed in Sioux Falls, etc.) [Amazon: $150-$200]

  • What Is the Liturgy of the Hours and how do you pray them? See “Liturgy of the Hours Comprehensive Guide” below or for a general/brief guide us the abbreviated version



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What do Adoration and Eucharistic Processions have to offer you?