Administrative Tools

Welcome Leader!

Thank you for your service, in whatever capacity and ministry you find yourself committed to. We have this page to ensure effective communication between organizations and individuals. Every parish struggles with this, but none are as flexible at using technology to close gaps of communication as we can be. At the bottom of the page, you can find preset email templates for various situations as well methods and procedure of how we coordinate event planning between organizations.


Scheduling Events and Keeping Others Informed

WHEREAS Communication is essential to working toward the unified goal of salvation for everyone. Each of our organizations pursues this end with different targeted audiences: babies, men, women, college students, etc.

WHEREAS we all want our missions and visions to be carried out with the best possible outcome, while we have members in common; we must try to avoid scheduling overlap whenever possible. Further, the success of our events is maximized when we work together.

Toward these ends, please read the following procedures:

  1. there is a Newman Leaders channel on the Discord so that if questions need to be asked they can be and then everyone will be on the same page.
  2. the Newman calendar can serve a couple of ends (have Michele or Carter add your email so you can add events):
    1. help each of us know when other organizations have planned events – replacing the previous spreadsheet system
    2. advertising via the website (please include the location for the sake of those coming and especially if a room you are booking)
    3. make it easy for those who use calendar apps to be directly informed of our events and the changes we make to them (if you use google calendar it can automatically sync with a device your signed in on)
  3. You can book a room by adding it as an event on the calendar and using the prefilled email link below.
  4. After each meeting in which an event is planned please email Michele either by using the prefilled email links below or writing your own.
  5. Please notify Carter if you would like server channels added to the Discord or if the website needs to be updated; if you would like event details added to a page or a new page added please email a word document with all the information to
  6. When appropriate (it is not always), please make announcements of the next Newman center event(s) at the end of the event you are leading to add an extra layer of communication to our people. Mass Announcements are particularly effective.
  7. Picture can be submitted to the Discord photo stream most easily from your phone, if you are using a camera please send the highlights to the Discord for everyone to see.

Newman Social Media

WHEREAS there is no one platform/means everybody uses, and each platform has its benefits. Each platform we use allows us to connect in a different way with our members and potential with different audiences. By using electronic methods of communication, we have the potential to reach anyone our members may be linked to if our members share it. If these tools are utilized liberally, they will be relied upon. Therefore, the more consistent and diverse our methods are we can be in engaging our audiences, the more effective our communications. Towards this end we use the following, each of the below methods supplements in-person invitations in shareability and communicating correct and memorable information to our audience. Yet, it remains that these tools are called so because they can each be a part of our success, but no single platform will be its sole source. It, further, remains that prayer and direct invitation are what get them to come, and these tools are what make them informed and consider it before they are invited (thus increasing their openness to coming).:

  • Mass announcements are most effective for those that attend mass being aware of our events
  • Personal invitation
  • Discord Announcments
  • Posters can be dual purpose, if we use the image to advertise electronically, we can create uniformity and efficiency.
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Bulletins

WHEREAS Pictures are captivating and add beauty to the truth and goodness we offer. Each photo can be used in future advertisements/newsletters, please take pictures at events. Please do so through Discord.

Please reach out if you would like to make use of any one of these tools:

  • Mass Announcements: Father
  • Newman Bulletin/Emails: Michele
  • Facebook: Michele and Student Life Coordinator
  • Twitter: Carter
  • Instagram: Sydney Becker
  • Discord: Carter
  • YouTube: Carter
  • Website: Carter (consult if you would like editing permission to update a webpage on your own); see Instructions above
  • Google Photos: No longer used please submit through Discord.
  • Newman Calendar: Michele, Father, FOCUS missionaries, any Newman leader that requests it or attended a Newman joint executive meeting.

Quick/Independant Resources

Advertising and Facility Resources

FOCUS-Specific Resources

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