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 Welcome Leader!

This page will summarize for you and your organization, how to align with refined procedures to ensure your events are successful at helping people get to Heaven in some fashion or another. We insist you follow these to prevent unnecessary conflict and pursue harmony amid the chaotic busyness of your role and those of others.

1. Getting the Information to the Community

See the Stay Informed Page for the simple description, however, this is what has changed:

  • Abandoning Twitter and Shift emphasis away from Snapchat, although may still be updated by Beth
  • Focusing our use of Facebook for Alumni
  • Monday emails will be discontinued.
  • Instagram will be our only inner-community Social Media Platform
  • GroupMe will replace Discord and be limited to a
    1. Social Channel (for memes, quotes, pictures shared for the sake of immediate access to friends or other social reasons, and anything else unrelated to Newman happenings): Click here
    2. An Announcements Channel (heavily moderated chat for community-wide invitations to Newman community-centric events): Click Here

2. Communicating between Newman-centric Organizations

Perennial Tasks that Help Foster a Unified Base of Leaders

  1. At the beginning of each year, please submit the contact information of officers (especially communication officers) to Michele by using the directory Spreadsheet Below. 
  2. At the beginning of each semester as soon as a consistent time is determined for meetings and Bible Studies, ask Michele to reserve the space for you which will be visible to you below. Be aware of the following:
    1. In the Library, Newman Organization meetings, RCIA, etc. which are often reserved by Father take precedence over any other meeting.
    2. The FOCUS office is also firstly, the space for the FOCUS missionaries, and if they have a meeting, they will take priority.
    3. Bible Studies should be hosted in an inviting space and the Newman center cannot accommodate every Bible Study.
    4. The Spare office (next to Father’s Office), Library, FOCUS Office, and the Counselor’s office are the reservable spaces of the Newman center.
  3. Ideally, at least, before the beginning of the academic year there will be a meeting between Newman leaders (especially those of the organizations of the Newman) to ensure this alignment is present, there is a relationship formed between groups, and to share important dates.

Organizing Events

  1. As soon as you are aware, enter the event into the Pius XII Newman Events Calendar accessible to all who ask the Communications Liaison, Newman Personnel, and the Static Emails.
    1. This prevents double-booking events and allows organizations when planning to make educated decision on who may attend.
    2. Here is a full tutorial on how to use Google Calendar (skip what you know, learn what you don’t, please)
    3. If you notice and know without a doubt that an event is incorrectly entered, for example it says Daily Mass is an hour long according to the schedule, you have permission to edit an event.
    4. Please take time to enter events for the course of the semester, especially if you are aware of their recurring nature.
  2. Anyone can send an announcement on GroupMe,
    1. if you have a poster, you would like sent out to Instagram, please consult the leader directory and send it to the Instagram Liaison
    2. GroupMe also accepts pictures but using text is usually more helpful for the folks that only see it in their phone’s notification center.
  3. Check the Room Reservations to ensure there is no conflicts, and as needed, notify Michele that you intend to reserve said space.
  4. Coordinate with other organizations as needed, if it is a significant event, please mention it at the aforementioned meetings between organizations

Please reach out if you would like to ensure Proper communication:

  • Mass Announcements: Father
  • Newman Bulletin, Facebook: Michele
  • Instagram: See the directory
  • Website and YouTube (for the occasional video): Carter (all static emails have permissions but may need to have an account set up, use Forgot Password)
  • Google Photos: DIY (see the Photostream under the Home tab)
  • Newman Calendar: Newman Personnel and Static Emails are , Father, FOCUS missionaries, any Newman leader that requests it or attended a Newman joint executive meeting.
  • Use the Newman Leader Directory for ensured accuracy.

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